New Creation of Diversification, Freedom, Magnificent Architecture 

In order to incarnates the interaction between the Architecture and Human, WGT furnishes Offices as a “Minimalistic Style”. Multiple-size Offices from 50㎡ up toi 1900㎡ are viable for different usage, allowing the different cultures transformed into our building. 

Over 50,000㎡ Gross Floor Area, 1-30 floors provide 3 handover methods: bare-shell, decoration or decoration with furniture. 

WGT sperates into higher and lower levels, rapidly increase office commute efficiency. 

  1-15 floors mainly divide into 50-300㎡, satifisy all the SME needed.

  16-29 floors mainly divide into 300-1900㎡ or more, satifisy all the large-sized enterprises needed.