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  • Service Introduction

    WGT "One-stop" Business Service Centre

    In order to better facilitate the landing of the enterprise and assist in the establishment of enterprise business, WGT provides “One-stop” business services for all enterprises and employees, including business registration, agency bookkeeping, various industry qualifications, change and cancellation registration,  provision of registered address, legal consultation, work visa consultation,  banking record, seals engraving and other services, focusing on the SME administrative affairs service. Our team has served nearly 100 foreign-funded SMEs over 30 countries: New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, France, the United States, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, South Korea and other countries are covered.


    1、One-stop business service (Industry and commerce) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    (1) Assisting domestic and foreign-funded enterprises to handle various types of industrial and commercial registration services;

    (2) Assist settled enterprises to cooperate with industry and commerce, taxation, and bank site verification services;

    (3) Reply to the industrial and commercial changes of settled enterprises and other business cinsulting services;

    (4) For specific customers who intend to register in the WGT, our company can coordinate with the Municipal Supervision Bureau to help companies solve special business problems encountered furing the registration process.


    2、One-stop business service (banking) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    (1) For customers who have registered in the WGT, there is no need to make an appointment and queue up at an outlet. Agricultural Bank of China can provide on-site account opening services. If the corporate legal person is present, the settlement can be done on the spot.

    (2) Customers registered in WGT can enjoy the customized deposit and loan products of the Agricultural Bank of China, with more favorable interest retes and more flexible terms.

    (3) Our company has established goos cooperative relations with many banks such as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of Cimmunications, China Everbright Bank, Hainan Bank and Haikou Rural Commercial Bank. For customers with business needs, our company can assist customers with banks communicate, simplify the process, and speed up the processing time.


    3、One-stop business service (taxation) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    (1) Consultation and interpreation of taxation policies of the Free Trade Port, consulting services on financial and tax issues in the process of business registration and operation.

    (2) For customers in need, our company has screened high-quality social intermediaries to provide customers with reliablem convenient and super cost-effective agency bookkeeping, tax planning, fiscal and tax auditing, asset evaluation and other services.

    (3) For customers registered in WGT, our company can coordinate with the Meilan District Taxation Bureau to solve specific tax problems encountered in the course of business operations.


    4、One-stop business service (visa) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    Visa, work permit offer, work permit and other related procedures business consultation.


    5、One-stop business service (residence) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    Consultation on residence permit for foreigners, consultation on permanent residence foir foreigners, and business cinsultation on domestic residence certificate (temporary residence permit). At the same time, it provides green channels for the settled enterprises to shorten the processing time limit and extend the validity period of the residence permit.


    6、One-stop business services (social security, provident fund) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    (1) Social security consulting services: common social security services such as opening social security accounts, handling docial security keys, and handling social security card procedures.

    (2) Provident fund consulting services: new units open provident fund accounts, and increase the number of common provident fund services online, such as reducing personnel operations.


    7、One-stop business service (personnel welfare policy service) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    (1) House purchase policy consultation service;

    (2) Car purchase policy consultation service;

    (3) Medical insurance policy consultation service;

    (4) Child education policy consultation service;

    (5) International/domestic talent settlement policy consulting service. 


    8、One-stop business services (legal, notarization) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    Notarization consultation and handling; legal dispute consultation, legal document writing, corporate governance optimization and other non-litigation legal services, docking with high-quality law firms and other services.


    9、One-stop business service (import and export) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    For customers in need, our company has screened high-quality freight companies to provide customers with import and export trade agents, import and export agents, cistoms declaration and inspection, tax reduction and exemption Application, territorial declaration, port clearance and other related services.


    10、One-stop business service (policy consultation) WGT provides for settled enterprises: 

    Such as interpretation of Hainan Free Trade Port policy for settled enterprises. (Hainan International Economic Devleopment Bureau consultation telephone 4008-413-413)