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    WGT provides tax services for settled enterprises as followings:

     Consultation and interpretation of tax policies of the Free Trade Port, and consultation services on financial and tax issues in the process of enterprise registration and operation. (See annex for related policies)

     For customers in need, our company selects high-quality social intermediary institutions to provide reliable, convenient and ultra-cost-effective bookkeeping, tax planning, finance and tax audit, asset evaluation and other services.

     For clients registered in WGT, our company can coordinate with Tax Bureau of Meilan District to solve special tax problems encountered in the operation of the enterprise.

    Procedures of tax registration

    1、 Applying method: It can be handled directly on the platform of Hainan Electronic Tax Bureau 

    2、 Applying process:

    Appling path: [ home page ] - [ login ] - [ registration ] - [ enterprise registration ] / [ individual business registration ]  


    (1) For enterprise registration as a sample, click on the "enterprise registration", go into the enterprise registration interface, then fill in personal information, acquire verification code from short message, then use Alipay to verify real-name authentication, if the person in charge has registered a nature person account, directly enter individual account password, if not registered natural person accounts, set a new password and then click the "next step"; 

    (2) Enter the "Select Registered Enterprise" interface. Enter the new enterprise credit code, click [Query] button, click [Registration Information collection] below to continue the procedure. 

    (3) Click "Login Information Collection" to enter relevant enterprise information on the newly opened interface. The taxpayer's basic information system will automatically pick up the data and assign the value, so there is no need for the taxpayer to fill in the number. The taxpayer only needs to confirm according to the actual situation of the enterprise and supplement the incomplete information. Enter all required items with "*" and click "Submit" 

    (4) After submission, the system will pop up a confirmation window. Click "Confirm" after the information is checked. When the submission is successful, the system will prompt: "The submission is successful, and after the tax official accepts the application, the system will send it to the legal representative via SMS!" (Note: this message will contain the E-Tax Bureau's login address, account number and password)  


    (1) After the application,enterprise can input unified corporate credit code and other relevant data and check the progress of the submitted tax matters through the [front page] -- [registration] -- [registration inquiry] module.    

    (2) If the status of the progress is "to be accepted", it means that the matter has been successfully submitted, waiting for the tax authorities to accept; If it is "accepted", it means that the tax authority has confirmed the application and is handling the application; "Completed" indicates that the matter has been successfully handled; If it is "supplementary information", it means that the matter is not accepted, and a new application shall be made after supplementing and correcting the information; If it is "returned", it means that the matter is not accepted, and the tax authority will provide specific reasons.

    3、 Processing time: 1 workday

    4、 Notes

    (1) The enterprise shall choose whether to apply for the recognition of general VAT taxpayer based on its own business conditions. If necessary, apply in the Electronic Tax Bureau.

    Processing procedure: after logging into the E-Tax bureau system, the application shall be carried out in the module of "I want to pay taxes" - "comprehensive information report" - "qualification information report" - "VAT taxpayer report" - "VAT general taxpayer registration".

    (2) The purchase of Ukeys shall be handled in the tax service hall

    Tax Bureau of Meilan District Address: No. 39 east Haidian Road, Meilan District

    Jiahua tax service hall: No. 11, Jiahua Road, Meilan District (1.8km away from WGT)

    (3) After the completion of tax registration, regardless of the actual operation of the enterprise, it is required to file tax declaration on the E-Tax Bureau every month.

    (4) Hainan Tax Payment Service Hotline: 12366