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    WGT providesNotarization consultation,Legal dispute consultation, Legal document writing, Corporate governance optimization, other non-litigation legal services and other high-quality law firms for settled enterprises.

    1、Notarization consultation;

    Notarization includes:

    1. Contracts;  

    2. Inheritances;  

    3. Entrustment, declaration, gift and testament;  

    4. Division of property;  

    5. Bidding and auction;  

    6. Marital status, kinship and adoption;  

    7. Birth, survival, death, identity, experience, education background, degree, position, title, illegal criminal records;  

    8. Articles of association;  

    9. Preservation of evidence;  

    10. The signature, seal and date on the instrument, the copy and photocopy of the instrument are consistent with the original;

    11. Other notarization problems voluntarily applied for by natural persons, legal persons or other organizations. Matters that shall be notarized as prescribed by laws or administrative regulations, the natural person, legal person or other organization concerned shall apply to the notarial office for notarization. 

    Notary affairs include:

    1、 Affairs registered by notarial offices as stipulated by laws and administrative regulations;

    2、 Withdrawal and deposit;

    3、 Take care of wills, bequests or other property, articles and documents related to notarization;

    4、 Write legal documents related to notarization;

    5、 Provide notarization legal advice.

    2、 Legal dispute consultation:

    Property rights dispute, contract dispute, insurance dispute, labor and personnel dispute, tort liability dispute, maritime commercial dispute, criminal and administrative case and other legal dispute consulting.

    3、 Legal document writing:

    Drafting contracts, judicial pleadings, legal opinions, agency words or agency opinions and other legal documents, etc.

    4、 Other non-litigation legal services

    Corporate governance optimization: corporate legal examination, participation in the company's equity transfer agreement, equity incentive and other activities.

    5、 Docking with other high-quality law firms to provide litigation and arbitration legal services.