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    One-Stop Business Service (Business) 

    WGT provides business services for settled enterprises as follows:

    1. Assisting domestic and foreign-funded enterprises to handle various types of industrial and commercial registration services;

    2. Assist settled enterprises to cooperate with industry and commerce, taxation, and bank site verification services;

    3. Reply to the industrial and commercial changes of settled enterprises and other business consulting services;

    4. For special customers who intend to register in the WGT, our company can coordinate with the Municipal Supervision Bureau to help companies solve special business problems encountered during the registration process.

    (Specific questions or material templates can be received with the staff's WeChat communication)

    1.Flow chart of business registration:

    2、Materials required for business registration:

    (1) Prepare basic information such as company name, main business, registered capital, and domicile.

    (2) Scanned copy of qualification certificates of all investors and senior management.

    (3) A scanned copy of the ID of the designated representative or authorized agent (handling person).

    (4) Fill in relevant information and upload relevant certificates according to the website prompts.

    (5) For the final electronic signature, you need to see the system prompts before signing whether to install the Hainan e-registration APP (some companies can sign with WeChat); use the Hainan e-registration APP to sign without logging in and scanning the code. After signing, click the submit button to submit all the materials to the Municipal Supervision Bureau for review.


    3、Links and contacts for industrial and commercial business:

    One-Stop Service for Investment 

    Hainan commercial entity registration platform

    Hainan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Telephone
    65203055; 65374780 

    Haikou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Telephone

    Meilan District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Consulting Tel